Monday, May 12, 2008

Worldwide Friendship--call for letters!

Worldwide Friendship is a Saturday mailbag show that gives our listeners a chance to have their opinions heard internationally. This program has been a listener favorite for years, drawing continuous feedback from radio fans all over the world. Every week, Haewon and I read your comments and suggestions and share news from the Korean peninsula. Write to us today, either by e-mail (, snail mail, or by commenting right here on my blog. Tell us where you're from, what you enjoy doing in your spare time, what you like about KBS World Radio, and how we can improve our service. Or just drop us a line to say hello! Listen to next Saturday's edition of Worldwide Friendship--you might be chosen as Listener of the Week!

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hants2 said...

I am very disappointed & upset regarding a comment you made re.Canada does not matter when it comes to immigration for korean immigrates.I feel as a radio personality,you should not be bias.But being an american i can understand your way of thinking.You uwe the people of this great country an apology.

Abby Rhodes said...

Dear hants2,

I'm afraid I don't know which comment you're referring to. Perhaps you can elaborate on the specifics of the conversation you heard. Based on your message, I'm not sure which country you're suggesting I criticized. I certainly wouldn't have intentionally said anything to offend anyone of ANY nationality. I look forward to a clarification of your complaint and an opportunity to apologize if necessary.

Thank you for listening.

hants2 said...

the comment you made was regarding to how korean immigrants were doing in other parts of the mentionrd other countries such as usa.but when you mentioned canada & the philippines you said you have no comment,or something to that sounded to me as if you were puting these 2 countries down.

Abby Rhodes said...


I encourage you to visit our website ( and take another listen to last Saturday's Worldwide Frienship show. I think you'll realize you misunderstood what I said regarding immigrants to the U.S. The story we were discussing gave statistics about the assimilation of a wide variety of immigrants to the U.S. The comment you're referring to was in reference to Canadian immigrants to the States. We were commenting on the fact that these people probably have an easier transition to U.S. society (compared with Korean and other Asian expats) because, in most cases, those coming from Canada probably already speak English.

Please take another listen.


hants2 said...

i relistened to you show again.i am very,very sory i misunderstood as to what i thought i had heard.i will try and open my ears from now on.i look forward to your show every sat.keep up the good work.sorry again

Anonymous said...

Hate to sound nasty, but honestly, your worldwide friendship show is ridiculous, not least because both of you hosts can't stop cooing like pigeons on speed while the other is speaking. The things you discuss are only marginally interesting and strike me as pure filler. Since this is aired internationally (I hear it on CBC here in Canada), you should try to discuss things in greater depth and aim for a minimum of quality in terms of general interest. Nobody wants to hear tiresome small talk on the radio!