Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Street squatting

In a previous post, I marveled over the prevalence of squatting among Koreans. It seems like anywhere you go, from the bus stop to the peaks of Mount Seorak, you'll find locals young and old resting on their haunches for seemingly excruciating amounts of time. I thought I had seen it all until I noticed a particularly dangerous display of this cultural phenomenon on my way to work a couple weeks ago. Does this woman have a death wish, or what?! Unfortunately, my video doesn't actually do this death-defying act justice. By the time I wrestled my camera from my bag, the traffic light was changing from green to yellow and the cars were slowing in speed and frequency, but you get the picture.


hmyn said...

LOL! Thie type of sitting of course is not limited to Koreans.

It's how people in many countries sit and maybe I should say "Live". All people that have to work on the ground like doing the laundry, cooking, doing the dishes & ... of course your photos in the other post proves this.

I don't know about Koreans' knees but this type of sitting is basically harmful esp for knees.

The pressure on knee is unbelievablely high. When sitting and standing up it's intensified.

When sitting like this for a long time like when using Squat Toilet (sorry), which is common in many countries it's not just the knee that is harmed. I digress explaining but I assume you know what I mean. OK I'll end it here!

But people have long lived like this, but I can't say if their bodies have used to this type of sitting or not. Perhaps an expert can explain if it's true or not.

Squatting is of course useful when there's no clean place to sit on! Or perhaps you don't want to spoil your trousers, skirt! LOL ;)


Seongsu Kim said...

안녕하세요 애비
hello Abby~

새로운 글 보았습니다 ^^
I saw your new post ^^

안타깝게도, 한국은 교통사고 사망률이 높다는 불명예를 가지고 있어요
Unfortunately, Korea have a high traffic death rate that is disgrace.

저 여성은 무사하신거겠죠?
Is she OK?

아무튼, 한국 사람들에게 쪼그려 앉는건 자연스런 일이예요. 저도 그래요
Anyway, squat is usual in korean. and me too

그게 애비에게 기이한 일인줄은 몰랐네요 ^^
I didn't know that is strange thing for Abby

한국과 여러나라들을 탐험(?)하는 애비가 멋지다고 생각합니다.
I think you are awesome, because you are exploring(?) korea and other country.

그리고, 저는 애비와 여러 외국 친구들을 만난게 행운인것 같아요
and, I got a fortune that is I meet Abby and other foreigner friends.

왜냐하면 영어공부를 더 많이 하고 있거든요 ^^
Because I learn to english more hard ^^

날씨가 많이 춥고 건조하네요.
Weather is so cold and dry.

어제, 몸 상태가 좋지 않다고 했었잖아요
Yesterday, you said you are sick.

몸 조심하세요, 그리고
Take care, and

즐거운 주말 보내세요.
Have a nice weekend.

나의 영어가 제대로 전달되기를 희망하며...;
I hope you understand my english write...;

'유자차'를 아세요?
Do you know 'yoo-ja' tea?

유자는 레몬, 오렌지와 비슷한 한국의 과일인데
'yoo-ja' is fruit in korea. that is similar lemon and orange

한국 사람들은 겨울에 유자로 차를 만들어 즐겨먹어요
Usually, Koreans are make tea from yoo-ja at winter time

먼저, 유자껍질과 설탕으로 유자청을 만들고
First, Make 'yoo-ja honey' from yoo-ja skin and sugar

그것으로 차거나 뜨겁게 차를 끓여먹어요,
And, make tea that mix cold and boild water from yooja honey,

유자청은 샐러드 드레싱으로도 쓰고요
Sometimes, yooja honey use salad dressing

새콤달콤한 맛이 나는데, 정말 맛있습니다
That taste is sour and sweet, really good

유자차는 감기에 매우 좋습니다. 요즘 저도 먹고있지요 ^^
Yoo=ja tea is good for cold. Thesedays I enjoy that ^^

이 링크는 유자와 유자차 사진입니다.
This link is yooja and yooja tea picture