Monday, March 31, 2008

Good thing I'm a "people person"!

In my residential neighborhood outside of Seoul proper, it's sometimes easy to forget that over ten million people call South Korea's capital home. A short subway ride into the heart of the metropolis offers a quick reality check. Here are some photos that demonstrate just how packed this place is. Weekend jaunts for shopping or sight-seeing can be exhausting, battling dense crowds pushing and shoving as everyone vies for that last seat on the subway train.
Above, a shot of a traditional market area in Namdaemun on a weekend. It's difficult to stop and ponder merchandise at any of the stands because the crowd pushes you through before you have a chance to really look.

This shot was taken as I was transferring from one subway line to another on a Friday afternoon. Rush hour was approaching, so things only got worse after this photo was taken. Because I'm so short, I usually have no idea how far I am from my destination. I have to focus on the floor to make sure I'm prepared to maneuver any steps that come up. The mass of people undulates through the hallways like a snake, all of us swaying together, taking slow, short steps toward our destination.

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