Saturday, March 29, 2008

Worldwide Friendship today!

Be sure to check out Worldwide Friendship this Saturday. Haewon and I will bring you the usual news roundup, plus listener letters, Discovering Korea, and some K-pop music. Send your e-mails to and we'll read them during next week's show. Also, we'll answer your questions during our Q & A corner, so ask us anything you want to know about Korea.

Don't forget, if you're chosen as listener of the week, you'll receive some great presents from KBS!


mittens said...

Hi, Abby! I missed our 5 seconds of fame on your show yesterday (I was still sleeping but my husband heard it), so I thought I would check it out to see if Worldwide Friendship had a webpage. We listen to your show on Saturday and the Kpop show on Sunday. I enjoyed reading your blog this morning. It's nice to see the "English KBS Team" smiling faces (complete with bunny ears LOL). Hmmm...I wondered about that boisterous radio show you mentioned on your bus ride home. It doesn't happen to be a KBS radio show, does it? I listen to some broadcasts over KBS Kong just to listen to the language to try to pick up a word or phrase here and there (I take lessons).

Keep up the good work and have loads of fun! It's going to be a rainy Sunday here in the Midwest.

CS - Indiana

BTW - My sister lives right on Florida Ave - very near your old college campus.

Abby Rhodes said...

Hi, there!

So happy to hear from you. We'll read your comments on this Saturday's Worldwide Friendship. Hope you're having a great week!

Thanks for supporting KBS World Radio and please keep in touch!