Friday, August 8, 2008

When the clock strikes 6 . . .

We wouldn't be professionals in Korea if we didn't break free from the confines of KBS to nurture camaraderie through yummy street food, soju, and maekju (beer) once in awhile. Many 9-to-5/6ers can be seen imbibing into the wee hours (even on a "school night"!), but we radio and Internet team folks enjoyed a mostly tame Thursday evening outing in sultry Seoul.

Seoung-soo, Min-jeong, Hye-ju, and Luke get things started at a pojangmacha (literally, "covered wagon") street eatery

English news editor/anchor Luke and me showing off our American appetites

Mmm . . . street food is cheap and tasty

Now that's what I call a napkin dispenser!

Matt Kelley and DJ Sarah Jun once the hot 'n sticky weather moved us all inside


Seoung-soo Kim said...

Hi, Abby. I'm Seoung-soo :)
I had good time. and I think You and other guys have very good personalities.

I still nervous talking with you, and other foreighners... But I think better than yesterday :D

Your blog is terriffic! Traveling Photos, Your life, thingking(but I have limit about understand...)
Maybe I'll visit here sometimes.

ps. Do you understand my english? Hmm... :)

Abby Rhodes said...

Hi Seoung-soo!

Of course I understand your English, and you ARE getting better . . . or at least less shy. :)

I hope we can get together more so you can help me with my Korean. I need A LOT of help!

Thanks for reading my blog!