Saturday, August 23, 2008

Keeping a close watch on the race for gold

Spending time at the office on a Saturday night seems like a real drag . . . until you throw baseball and beer into the equation. The KBS World Radio team has been logging very long hours during this Olympic period, so it's no wonder yours truly came to work in a baseball cap today, hiding bad hair and no energy to make it better. Although everyone seems pretty tired (I instituted a "No Yawning" rule in the English news department earlier today), there's still plenty of enthusiasm brewing for Korea's final Olympic competitions. Tonight we're watching Korea's sluggers in a close game against Cuba, the reigning Olympic champions.

"Geonbae!" (Cheers!) to Team Korea!

Heated competition calls for a cool Hite!

And 12-14 hour work days call for baseball caps!

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