Friday, September 5, 2008

Welcome back, Haewon!

After nearly a month in the United States (and many indulgences at Bob Evans) Haewon is back Seoulside--and bemoaning a one-kilogram weight gain. It's great to have her back in the co-host chair and I've been intrigued by her stories from the States. It seems her young son was quite taken with American culutre, happy to be freed of homework (yes, Korean schools give homework over summer break!), and awed by a backyard big enough to accommodate a huge trampoline. In Seoul, where most people live in highrise apartments, many relish the idea of having a backyard at all.

As for Haewon, she was overjoyed during a shopping trip when she slid into the larger smaller sizes (make sense?) of American pants; so much so that she eagerly made a purchase even though she didn't care for the style all that much. By the time I return to the States, maybe size four will read size zero. That's an illusion I'll gladly pay for, too!

Thanks to Matt Kelley for sitting in for Haewon last month on Worldwide Friendship. You need not mourn his departure, though. You can still catch his segment, "Discovering Korea", during WWF episodes. Also, tune into "Seoul Calling" every Tuesday and Thursday for the Matt-Abby duo.

So, tune in to Worldwide Friendship this Saturday to catch Haewon and me as we share listener letters from all around the world!

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