Monday, September 8, 2008

Gluttons for punishment?!

I've been invited to extend my contract with KBS World Radio! Apparently I haven't offended anyone too severely during my tenure here, despite my tacky American holiday decorations and a penchant for speaking (and laughing) much too loudly in the office.

Don't worry, I read the English translation before signing!

It's hard to believe it's been almost one whole year since I started working for KBS World Radio. It feels like just yesterday I was signing a very similar document back in Illinois and faxing it off to Seoul, an unfamiliar place with an exciting opportunity. Today, eleven+ months later, Sophia guided me through the contract in person, rather than over an international telephone call.

I thank KBS for extending this opportunity which has been both professionally and personally rewarding. My experience in Korea has been more fulfilling than I ever imagined. I thank all my co-workers for making every Monday through Friday a fun and enlightening experience. And thanks especially to Sophia for your patience and perpetually eager willingness to explain things.

Now it's time to deliver some news!


Anonymous said...

congrats, abby! so glad you're sticking around... i can't imagine kbs without you! xo

Jeff said...

Hi Abby. It's great to hear that you'll be with KBS for another year! Thanks for continuing to share your gifts with all your fans out here in the ether!


Anonymous said...

Abby TAKE THE OFFER!! We want you with us!! Most heartfelt congrats!!

Vic in Arrowbear, CA

Abby Rhodes said...

Thanks, everyone, for your kind comments! This blog has been a great way to interact with listeners around the world, and I hope to hear even more from you in the future.


yossry sawaby يسري صوابي said...

Congratulations Abby
I feel like just a month has gone since you shined for the first time in KBS ....
please stay here for another 5 month ...(at least !!)