Monday, September 22, 2008

Heart attacks for sale, but Mad Cow-safe

America's most internationally familiar food chain is exercising damage control in light of Koreans' apprehension of U.S. beef. As though McDonald's customers were pillars of healthy consumption, the company is assuring everyone that its burgers are made strictly with Australian beef. (Personally, I've never dared to guess from where the "mystery meat" used in McDonald's products comes, regardless of where its sold.)

After months of intense public backlash against the government's decision to reopen the Korean market to U.S. beef, many restaurants have been pushing the non-American beef-ness of their products, but I find myself irritated by these signs posted at an American fast food icon. McDonald's should be using its power to advertise the quality of American products and help repair the tattered image of U.S. beef, rather than playing into unfounded rumors and irrational fears. Perhaps coming from farm country U.S.A., I'm too slow to scrutinize American farm products, but I've certainly never worried about the safety of beef purchased in the States. I have, on the other hand, winced when considering the amount of fat and cholesterol in an order of McDonald's french fries. That's what Koreans oughtta be worried about.


onlykss said...

Hi, Abby :)

I didn't see your blog for many a long day.

Today I saw your blog & several posts.

You seems that you interested various fields many things.

P.S / This comment was writed by Seong-jae & I. (english is always difficult... :P)

Ah! abby! do you leaning korean? I wanna introduce my blog ^^; (but only korean)

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Abby Rhodes said...

Is this Seoung-su?! I had to investigate to determine your identity!

Thanks for reading my blog. I hope to learn much more Korean!

I checked out your blog, too. Nice pictures!


Anonymous said...

Hi Abby!
You think the mystery meat is scary, just consider the "Secret Sause"!

I find the meat protests rather curious. "If you don't want American beef, then do not buy it." There must be more to this than meets the eye. Koreans are far too smart to do something that seems so foolish.

//Vic in Arrowbear, CA

Anonymous said...

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