Tuesday, November 11, 2008

November 11 is Pepero Day!

The already ubiquitous sweet treat is even more visible today, with the gift of chocolately, crunchy cookie sticks being bestowed upon friends, lovers, and co-workers nationwide. Pepero (빼 빼 로) means "skinny like a stick", and while most Pepero varieties fit the bill, on this special day you can find gigantic examples no averge human could possibly consume on his or her own. Some reports suggest Lotte Confectionary, which manufactures Pepero, makes 55 percent of its annual earnings in November, thanks in large part to Pepero Day. Another newsy tidbit: many schools have restricted their students from Pepero Day celebrations, since the commercial holiday falls on the important national observance of Farmers Day. With bounds of Pepero covering my desk by 3:00, I'm wondering . . . is it kosher to re-gift Pepero?

One of our listeners impressed the English section by sending a huge box with various types of Pepero. Thanks, Steve!

When it comes to Pepero, the options are endless. They range from the inexpensive, but most popular varieties you can find in any convenience store, to more expensive varities available at bakeries. KBS World Spanish service chief, Sonia, poses with fancy Pepero.


Jeff said...

So, is "Pepero" a brand name, or just a type of treat? You know, like "Twinkie day" vs. "Cream filled snack cake day" (not that I'm lobbying for either of those...)

Abby Rhodes said...

Hey, Jeff!

Chris Dykas and I actually had this conversation while I was writing the blog entry. Apparently, it's kind of like Band-Aid. Technically, it's a brand name, but almost everyone refers to bandages of that type as "band-aids". Pepero is the official name of the snack, but even varieties that don't bear the Lotte label are called pepero. Does that make any sense?

Thanks for the comment!

Jeff said...

I understand your explanation, but "makes sense" is a bit of a stretch. The marketing genius that came up with that idea must be living the good life!

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

Abby, what is the difference between the cheap Pepero, on the stuff that glows in the dark? About how many calories does one have?