Monday, November 3, 2008

Hiking Dobong Mountain (도 봉 산)

Hiking is one of Koreans' favorite pastimes, and autumn is the best time of year to catch breathtaking views and comfortable temperatures. Matt Kelley and I headed north to Dobongsan on Sunday to join the crowds for a fun and beautiful hike. We left Seoul around 6am and took the subway (Line 1) to Dobongsan Station. We marveled at opportunity to access an area so starkly different from Seoul by subway in just an hour.

Matt snags a shot of one of Dobongsan's peaks on our way up.

The top! Check out the guy just casually perched on a rock, with death just a slip away! Somehow, I always forget that I'm terrified of heights until I find myself hundreds of meters above sea level with a line of hikers behind me, waiting as I muster the courage for the next death-defying step. Thankfully, Matt was a calming coach.

View from the top (my demeanor was not quite so casual). That's Mt. Bukhan in the distance.

Hanging on for dear life along the ridge line while begrudgingly cooperating for a photo

Descending is more my style

We found these chilies out to dry near a Buddhist temple

Seoul through the trees

Look close for the truly crazy . . . at least they're attached to a rope!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the beaustiful pictures. I'm a Korean living in Georgia, USA and have recently started reading your blog.

Jeff said...

Absolutely beautiful! Now I'm jealous again (and contemplating playing hooky from work to go for a hike!). The foliage colors around Baltimore are only just starting to pop.

I'm glad you were able to overcome your acrophobia and enjoy (hopefully!) the fall scenery.


Abby Rhodes said...

Thanks for your comments! I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. I'm looking forward to a report about Dobongsan in an upcoming edition of "Discovering Korea with Matt Kelley"!