Friday, October 24, 2008

Soju in juice boxes!

I was almost a year into my Korean tenure when I finally discovered a handy dandy innovation that ensures no situation must ever be void of Korea's signature distilled spirit: Soju "juice boxes". Designed to make soju-on-the-go a logistical breeze, the clever packaging means Koreans (or anyone else) heading abroad can tote their revered beverage without concern that reckless baggage handlers will leave their suitcase full of broken green glass and clothes reeking of alcohol. Since the price of soju in foreign countries is often six times higher than the domestic rate, it pays to buy it here and enjoy it there. But of course this nifty option isn't reserved for practical travelers. Since my initial discovery of soju boxes at Costco, I've seen a few people around Seoul actually sipping from the cardboard containers a la Hi-C style.

Chris and I discovered soju boxes during a trip to Costco.


Anonymous said...

I predict that these will be made illegal, after they see a spike in drunk drivers, and a couple of very young kids, mistake this for fruit juice, and end up assuming room temperature.

Vic in Long Beach, CA

Jeff said...

Wow. That's just a bit scary. I hope parents keep those in a different place from the kids' juice boxes!

uno said...

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