Monday, October 13, 2008

Eye to eye with "Jeff from Maryland"

Nearly every week on Worldwide Friendship we read an e-mail sent by "Jeff from Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A.". Last week, we got to meet Jeff in the flesh! Jeff and his wife, Cindy, and their son, Nathan, came to Korea to adopt a baby girl. Nathan was also born in Korea and was making his first trip back since Jeff and Cindy adopted him. Haewon and I had the opportunity to interview Jeff for Worldwide Friendship, then joined Jeff's family for an entertaining lunch near KBS.

Jeff, Cindy, and Nathan with Jeff's mother and stepfather in a KBS World studio

Nathan and I became fast friends over an Italian lunch


Jeff said...

Hi Abby,

It was a real treat to meet all the nice folks at KBS and to be interviewed by you and Haewon. I'm glad Nathan could keep everyone entertained over lunch. He certainly took a shine to you. Thanks for all the hospitality!


Abby Rhodes said...

Hey, Jeff!

Thanks again for giving us a bit of your time while you were in Seoul. We had such a great time meeting you and the whole fam. I wish I could have met DaSol, too, but maybe next time!

Take care. Tell everyone I say hello!


Anonymous said...

What a spectacular thing for Jeff and Cindy to do! To unselfishly give two young children a chance at a new life!

Most heartfelt thanks to Jeff and Cindy!

Vic in Long Beach, CA

Abby Rhodes said...

Hi, Vic,

I agree! And I think Jeff and Cindy would tell you the pleasure is all theirs. They're wonderfully happy parents of two beautiful, healthy children!

Thanks for reading and commenting.


I am, therefore I think. said...

Hi, Abby.

I've recently ran into your blog site and enjoyed your blogs ever since. Thanks for the very heartwarming story on Jeff and Cindy and Nathan. Stories like this reassure us all that there still is a lot of love left in this world in spite of the selfishness and cynicism that pervades our society. Please keep 'em coming.