Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Back from China!

I'm back in Seoul this week after a great trip to China. I spent most of my time in Shanghai, but also visited Hangzhou, a tourist haven about two hours south of Shanghai. I'll post more photos and reaction later, but wanted to share some videos right away.

I took this video in a section of Shanghai referred to as "Old Town" or "Old City". These lively areas where working class people can be seen hustling and bustling around the clock are always my favorite parts of big cities.

I was amazed by the prevalence of bicycles, mopeds, and motorcycles in China. I had never actually seen a moped in person before. Cyclists have their own lane on most roads and even designated signal lights. Here's a shot from an intersection along Shanghai's famous Nanjing Road.

Students at Shanghai's Yew Chung International School singing "I'm a Believer". Yew Chung's student body includes kids from nearly 70 different countries.

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Sara Kim said...

Did you just wander by this school and go in?