Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Interview with Illinois Farm Bureau

I recently gave a radio interview with the Illinois Farm Bureau about the recent U.S beef import debacle. I spoke with Josh St. Peters, a former classmate of mine from the University of Illinois, and currently the Farm Information Director for RFD. The piece was made available to nearly 90 radio stations across the state who carry IFB programming.

Copy the web address below into your Internet browser. A podcast of the entire "RFD Today" show from June 11 will appear. My interview starts about half-way through the show.

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Jeff said...

Nice interview, Abby. It seems to me there has been a fair amount of coverage of the "beef" protests and protesters in Seoul, but not much coverage of the reaction of American farmers and cattlemen. Most of the news reports I've heard talk more about US government response, but not those of US citizens. It was very interesting to hear some of the perspective from America's "heartland".