Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rainy day protest

Day two of the monsoon season (장 마) didn't deter protesters from gathering outside KBS to boisterously address the broadcaster's president, Jung Yun-joo. Propaganda calling for Jung to step down from his post has peppered the premises for months, but his critics have become more vocal in recent weeks. The protest frenzy brought on by daily demonstrations against U.S. beef imports seem to be inspiring anyone with a complaint about anything to take to the streets with bullhorns, poorly amplified music, and today, ponchos. I'm told some of the signs behind held by these demonstrators accuse KBS of promoting anti-American sentiment through its coverage of the candlelight vigils. It's difficult to see through this video, but riot police buses are parked bumper to bumper the length of the block and are blocking access to the main entrance of the building. Several of our freelancers who come and go through the day had trouble getting into the building.


Jeff said...

Hi Abby. So, if I understand what you're saying, the protesters were, in part, protesting that KBS was inciting protests through their coverage of protests? Hmm.

Abby Rhodes said...

As I understand it, Jeff, the protesters believe KBS coverage has been pro-government. They say the reports have encited even more public protest . . . so yeah, they're protesting in protest!