Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Discovering Korea with Matt Kelley!

Last weekend I tagged along with intrepid Discovering Korea discoverer/writer/host, Matt Kelley, for an east coast excursion. We headed to the northeastern province of Gangwon where we enjoyed magnificent views and some steep climbs at Korea's most famous mountain, Seoraksan, and hot-n-sunny weather on Sokcho and Gyeongpo beaches. Although Korea's in the midst of monsoon season, the weather was perfect for our outdoorsy activities. Temperatures were on the brutal side of hot, but we found respite in mountain streams and cool ocean waters. Matt will bring you all the details in an upcoming edition of Discovering Korea.

Matt and Abby at Gwongeumseong Fortress, Seoraksan National Park

Gwongeumseong Fortress, Seoraksan Natoinal Park
Seoraksan National Park

Biseondae's cool waters and granite platform offer a refreshing and relaxing break from mountain trekking

Hoon and Abby cooling off in the waters of Biseondae

Half-way up a strenuous climb to Geumgang cave. Hoon's face is priceless.

View down from Geumgang cave, Seoraksan National Park

Sinheungsa Buddhist temple, Seoraksan National Park

Korean temples are known for the bright, intricate painting under the eaves

For about $10 you can sign a tile that will be used for temple roofs

Sokcho Beach, Sokcho

Yummy seafood BBQ in Seorak

Sunrise seen from Naksan Temple, Yangyang

"Sky is the Limit" observatory in Yangyang

Abby and Matt on the "Sky is the Limit" observatory in Yangyang

Barbed wire lines much of the east coast, protecting South Korea from North Korean spies

Gyeongpo Beach from our speedy boat ride (forgive the poor photo quality!)

After our exhilarating boat ride along Gyeongpo Beach

Delicious dakgalbi (spicy chicken, veggies, and rice cake) in Gangneung. Our aprons said, "Country Cats". In my case, it's not far from the truth.


Anonymous said...

from one country cat to another, looks good! thanks for the big pics. xo

Michelle said...

Hi Abby.. This is Michelle from Malaysia.. Wow!! nice view of Mount Seorak.. How long does it takes you to reach the peak?

Abby Rhodes said...

Hi, Michelle!

Unfortunately, we didn't have time to climb to the highest peak (thankfully we had a tight schedule to blame for what would otherwise just be laziness!). We opted for several shorter treks so we could see more spots. After climbing a less-than-one-kilometer trail, I decided I'm probably not cut out for the eight-kilometer hike to the summit!

Thanks for your comment!