Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Koreans have some good knees. I'm always amazed at how easily--and frequently--Koreans choose a squat for leisurely rest. It seems they can hold the position for indefinite periods of time, too. If I squat for more than two minutes, the look on my face is far from the content, relaxed demeanor of the nimble Koreans around me. And as you'll see in the photos, age appears to have no bearing on squatting ability or endurance. I'm truly in awe.

Squatting in Gangneung, Gangwondo

Squatting on the sidelines of a protest in Yeouido, Seoul

Squat while you work in Gangneung, Gangwondo

Squatting at Seoraksan National Park

Squatting on a mountain

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Michelle said...

Yeah I agree..i was so amazed too! if i squat for more that an hour i dun think i can stand up straight with my both legs..hahaha..