Friday, July 18, 2008

Feeling special

I depart Seoul Friday evening for a quick trip back to the American heartland. During what's sure to be a whirlwind week, I'll meet with family and friends at the annual Rhodes summer party, stand up as a bridesmaid in a good friend's wedding, and celebrate my 26th birthday. I've been humbled in the last week by the folks in Seoul who have gone out of their way to acknowledge my upcoming birthday before my departure. Especially on the lonely days of expat life when I feel like those who love and care about me the most are a world away, the efforts and affection from my friends here in Korea are appreciated tenfold. Thanks, guys!

Matt and Hoon surprised me with a cake last weekend, along with a very special birthday card. Sorry I don't have a picture of us, Matt!

Birthday lunch with Sophia, Mr. Chae, and KBS World Radio star Sue Park

My Arabic service colleague, Yossry, surprised me Thursday afternoon with this beautiful (and delicious) birthday cake. Thank you, Yossry!

I'm tremendously anxious to reunite with my friends and family in Illinois, but it's very heartwarming to know that when I return to Seoul, I'll be among even more good friends . . . and a year older!


Michelle said...

Hi Abby,
Well i read your blog but am not sure when is your birthday.. but anyway... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS!!

The cakes does look yummy..haha

Peter said...

Would be interested in reading about your impressions about returning to the Midwest (after a year's absence?) and what it was like re-familiarizing yourself into that framework.

My sincere birthday greetings as well.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Abbey. Thank you for putting up your photo with Sue Park. I've been listening to her for years, and had no idea how pretty she is! (don't worry, I haven't forgotten your bikini pictures!)

Vic in San Diego

Bill in New Jersey said...

Hi Abby! I enjoy reading your blog and seeing the photos. I must share the site address with pals so they too can follow your amazing adventures.

Abby Rhodes said...

Hey, Bill!

Thanks for checking out my blog. Hopefully you can explore even more of Korean culture through my pictures and experiences.

Hope to hear from you again soon!

Anonymous said...

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