Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hanna, du, se . . . you're out!

Last weekend's sunny, warm weather offered the perfect scenario to enjoy America's pastime . . . in Seoul. I went to a baseball game at Jamsil Stadium in southern Seoul on Sunday afternoon. The Doosan Bears took on the SK Wyverns. "What the heck's a wyvern?!" you ask. Don't bother asking the Korean fans who were waving and wearing Wyvern paraphernalia. When I asked the red clad couple next to me, "What's a wyvern?" they offered no response, just stared at me with wide eyes (although I can't be certain they even understood the question). In case you're truly interested, as I was, you can read about wyerns here.

The Doosan Bears had a very hip, sexy, female cheering squad. The Wyverns had an enthusiastic young chap leading dances and cheers and commanding the crowds every move with a whistle.

Jamsil Stadium

No, this isn't Busch Stadium . . . a fan of my home team roots for the Wyverns in Seoul.

I went to a baseball game in Tokyo last August and the beer distributors were young, sexy females with wide smiles and bleached hair carrying pony kegs on their backs. Evidently, Seoul prefers the male counterpart.

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