Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Report from Kenya

In January 2007 I traveled to Kenya with University of Illinois journalism professor Nancy Benson and UI law professor Patrick Keenan to investigate the conflict that arises between humans and wildlife around the Masai Mara wildlife reserve. I shot about twelve hours of videotape throughout Kenya, but mostly in the rural settlements of the nomadic Maasai tribe. Professor Benson has since produced a short documentary using the material we gathered and enlisted a UI graduate student to edit the video (since I'm now on another foreign adventure!). The piece has aired on the Public Broadcasting System affiliate in Urbana, IL, WILL-TV, as part of the award-winning "Prairie Fire" series. This was my second contribution to "Prairie Fire"; I produced a feature for the series three years ago after my reporting trip to Peru. You can watch the Kenya video below . . . please excuse the awkward first frame!

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Mike said...

Dear Abby Rhodes,

I enjoyed this piece from Africa very much. Thank you, along with your colleages from the University of Illinois, for bringing this story to those of us who would never realize such troubles exist. I hope you get more opportunities to travel and report important stories, keeping the world more informed and in tune with news and events. I look forward to the future, where you will likely be covering the story from in front of the camera.