Saturday, April 5, 2008

Worldwide Friendship today!

Don't forget to catch Worldwide Friendship today! Haewon and I will read listener letters and discuss some interesting news items. Sue Park brings us "Searchword of the Week" and Jieun Kim introduces us to a new spot in the country with "Discovering Korea". Those of you who have left messages here on my blog don't want to miss the show!


Desmond Sharpe said...

Abby I just heard your broadcast on shortwave for the first time. Happy Friendship day! It seems radio Canada is rebroadcasting your signal to North America and for the most part it sounded strong low down in the valley I live in near White Hall Maryland. I thought your conversation about how annoying Christians are in Korea knocking on your door to be a little bit reactionary I am sure the listener who sent you the Easter card didn't mean to offend you. You mentioned that faith is a personal issue and that is why people want to personally introduce you to their personal saviour. I think the days of the crusades are long gone. I have to say I enjoyed the show and was delighted to hear a democracy broadcasting to the world on Shortwave. I look forward to listening again and hope we can chat sometime 73+88 from KB3LKM

Abby Rhodes said...

Hi, Desmond,

Thanks so much for listening to the show and writing. This blog has been a wonderful way to connect with our listeners. I certainly didn't mean to criticize our listener's Easter card. The discussion you refer to in your post was a brief commentary on the growing prevalence of Christianity in Korea. The sentiments we expressed were in no way meant to imply that our listener had offended us. As I mentioned during the show, I am a strong advocate for freedom of religion, speech, and most other things!

This kind of dialog is very helpful to the ongoing success of KBS World Radio. I appreciate your comments and hope you'll continue to listen to our programming. We love to get positive feedback, but constructive criticism helps us ensure professional, ethical, and quality programming. I'll read your comments on next week's episode of Worldwide Friendship.

Thanks again for listening. Please say in touch!


Anonymous said...

Happy Friendship from San Diego! I was digging around the KBS webpage, saw this link, and noticed Sue Park's name! I haave been a fan of hers going back to the early "M-Trap" days! I am so very happy to see she is still with you guys! Hi Sue!!

Now I have to find how to listen to this program!

Kindest Regards,
Vic Carpenter
"Seoul Survivor" in the KPI message board.

Abby Rhodes said...

Hi, Vic!

Sue hosts a number of features on KBS World Radio. She's no longer involved in our K-pop shows, since she handed the reins to Sarah and Chris, but she hosts "Korean Festivals", "Faces of Korea", and "Searchword of the Week", and "Korean National Treasures". Most of these short features are embedded in "Seoul Calling" and "Worldwide Friendship". You can access all these programs by going to our website ( Look for "Listen Again" on the right side of the page and choose the show you want to hear.

I'll tell Sue you said hello! Thanks for listening and writing!


Hyunwoo Sun said...

Dear Abby,

Thank you so much for reading my comments on the show and thank you for introducing our website as well!

I thoroughly enjoyed this week's show as well! I'm listening to the shows through the website so I guess I'll always be two or three days late in checking them out, but I think you've got another loyal listener here! haha :-) Thanks! Keep up the great work!

Melanie said...

Hello Abby,

I've noticed that your new in KBS World Radio while listening Seoul Calling and noticed your doing an excellent job.

Love your blogs and topics.

Please blog us more.:)