Friday, April 18, 2008

Seangil Chukahaeyo, Sophia!

That's, "Happy birthday, Sophia!" The KBS World Radio English team celebrated Sophia's birthday last Friday with a lunch of "Shabeu Shabeu", essentially a pot of fresh seafood boiled alive at your table. I've eaten my share of seafood in this lifetime, but this was a special experience I'll never forget. I'm no animal rights activist, but watching my soon-to-be lunch writhe in a pot of boiling water right next to my glass of beer was an eye-opener. The event was complete with a chocolate cake, U.S. style, since my experience baking a cake for a friend last month has made me a master finagler of American recipes in the land of morning calm.

Part of our crew just getting started with the Shabeu Shabeu

Sophia didn't want to wait for this guy to die

Sarah says, "Don't fight it, buddy!" pushing the crab into the boiling water as Chris watches in wonder

A great meal topped off with a delicious chocolate cake


Jessica Masters / JMJD, LLC. said...


nice work. apparently you spurned youtube in favor of a blogger vid? you'll have to teach me. xo

Haejae Lee said...

Hi Abby. I think about visiting Korea, my motherland, but not so sure. I have been living in US for the past 27 years. Basically I am a neurotic New Yoker. From what I see from Korean programs (actually my mom watches religiously and I pretend not to watch them but my God, they are weird!) Koreans are completely obsessed with games shows. I just cannot relate to them at all. They are weird. Am I going to experience devastating culture shock? At least you are a foreigner but I was born there. What am I to do?