Friday, April 4, 2008

Seoul Calling with Matt and Abby

Genetically, we're 1/4 Korean but our enthusiasm for this country is 100%! We're Matt Kelley and Abby Rhodes and we host Seoul Calling on KBS World Radio every Tuesday and Thursday. Abby writes the show, so pass along your ideas, comments, and suggestions. You can comment here on the blog or e-mail us at

Seoul Calling comes to you every weekday with interesting news about what's going on in and around Seoul, rounded out with K-pop music and special features like "Korean Festivals" and "Easy Korean Cooking". At the end of every Seoul Calling episode you can catch our daily language lesson, "Let's Learn Korean!". With contributors Jieun Kim, Sue Park, and Chris Dykas, we bring you fun and varied programming you won't find anywhere else.


Anonymous said...

genetically we're 1/4-korean?

.5 + 0 = .5, no?

oh yeah, math isn't your strong suit. :) or perhaps you referring to our child?

Abby Rhodes said...

Well, hello, MATT KELLEY!

Since we are one, happy, Seoul Calling unit, we are 25% Korean and 75% whitey.

Challenging my math skills is always fair, but I was trying to be cute and clever here. Cut me some slack!

The Regulars said...

Ciao Abby,

I just happened to find your show today while listeneing at work. I was listening to one of your broadcasts from earlier in the week and you played a song called "Peter Pan Complex" or maybe it was from a film called "Peter Pan Complex"?

Do you happen to know who recorded that song?

Great job on your show by the way. I also checked out what your work profile consists of...and you have a ton of work to do, so if it gets too busy to let me know the answer - no problem.

World up,
Enzo Simone

PS - Make sure you watch out for the Yellow Dust when you jog!

Abby Rhodes said...

Hi, Enzo!

Thanks so much for listening to the show and visiting my blog. It's always great to hear from our listeners.

The song you heard was by Peter Pan Complex and Shin Hye Chul. The title is "Annyeong" which means "hello" and "goodbye". I'm told that in this case, it's meant to be "Goodbye".

Let me know if there's anything else I can help you with!